Kris + Linda | Engaged | Big Bear Lake Ca

When God writes your love story, the unexpected sometimes happens. Who knew that through a mutual friend, these two would meet each other? When Linda saw Kris at a distance, she thought to herself that he is the most handsome guy ever. Who knew that Kris would feel the same way about her? Their friends forced them to dance, and with Kris not being the best dancer, pulled Linda off the side to talk. After a few hours, they exchanged phone numbers. Who knew that it will all lead to this big moment? With God orchestrating everything. To you both, congratulations! I hope that these photos will remind you of how beautiful it was when it first started. And your love for our Mighty Creator will always bring you both together and keep your love stronger everyday.

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Wedding Photographer | John Warren Photography

Assistant | Willie Morales

Venue | Big Bear Lake Ca