Ashlynn and Tyler's Arizona Engagement Session

How do I even begin? Ashlynn and Tyler tops this year's engagement session adventures so far. We begin our journey to Page, Arizona, Navajo Tribe, Lower Antelope Canyon. We flew a day before our scheduled photo shoot, with the idea of just doing a tour around the Canyon, next thing you know, we decided to stay a few hours more, climbing very steep rock formations, ditching our flight back home and driving almost 8 hours from Page to Orange County just to get our shots.

What can I say? It was worth every minute! We had a blast and the photos tells it all.

As you scroll down and marvel at the photos, I would like to say a couple of things: Yes, we were all at these locations taking photos. No, I did not photoshop the couple to be on the hills or rocky formation, they both climbed it, and yes, they did climbed it while wearing their suit and long dress. 

And if I must say, it was worth the climb! These two will do whatever it takes to get the shot and I think I have met my match! To Ashlynn and Tyler, thank you for allowing me to take your engagement photos. Thank you, for bringing me with you to Page Arizona to do this epic shoot with you both. I can't wait for our many more adventures!

Dom + Nina Epic Kauai Wedding

Before August ended, typhoon Ignacio threatened to hit the small island of Kauai. It was the weekend of Nina and Dominic's wedding. Thank God it didn't happen, but due to this typhoon, it created the hottest and most humid weather Kauai ever had. That didn't stop this couple's engagement and wedding. Through the heat, and rain, the fields, double rainbows and almost missed sunset, we made it happen. The photo shoot has only one word, EPIC. From the people who were there helping us, stopping traffic in the middle of the road, shooting while raining, wet because of the waves, you guys were nothing but amazing! To Nina and Dom, congratulations. You are loved! Almost 90 people flew just for your wedding. So much love from family and friends from different countries and states went just to witness your union, even Grandma was there! We are so honored to be a part of it. You have proven that through everything, you will be there for each other. Cheers! To more memories to come, more typhoons to conquer and more double rainbows.

John Warren is a photographer serving both Los Angeles and Orange County. This engagement/wedding photos were done at the island of Kauai. If interested in destination wedding, please contact us directly at

Jerry + Mia | Engaged | OC Fair Ca

Photographer | John Warren Photography

Assistant | Willie

Location | OC Fair  Ca

Hair + MUA | Trang

Everyday, love grows.. each year, it abounds.. Mia and Jerry had been together for about 9 years, this August, they are tying the knot! Congratulations to you both, from the time we met online until the time we met at the OC Fair, you guys are not but amazing. For capturing those beautiful smiles, the love you have for each other, the way you make each other feel is nothing but special. The most wonderful thing about it, it is only the beginning of your life being together.

Sam + Kiki | Engaged | Rancho Cucamonga Ca

Kiki met Sam on her birthday on August 2012 through a mutual friend. After the party they kept in touch, became friends, and after a few months, Sam asked Kiki to be his girlfriend. Kiki, still surprised, decided to give it a shot. in Kiki's own words, "I wasn’t too sure where things would go. I was happy that we were attached... I was warmed by Sam’s love and enthusiasm. I loved his kindness, caringnes, patience, and sweetness. Sam loves me for who I am, COMPLETELY...he makes sure I'm warm during cold season, and cool during summer. After 10 years of being together, finally, Sam proposed! To Kiki and Sam, congratulations! I am so excited for you both. Relationships like yours does not always happen, it takes a lot of work, and I am very confident, that in your marriage, thru the good and bad, you'd always be together, because you already know, that relationships are not easy, it is a lot of work, and you already had a decade of your life invented for a lifetime.

Photographer | John Warren Photography

Location | Rancho Cucamonga  Ca

Stylized | KQ Elements

Vic + Jacqueline | Engaged | San Juan Capistrano Ca

Photographer | John Warren Photography

Assistant | Willie

Location | San Juan Capistrano  Ca

Hair + MUA | Trang

              Remember the first time you saw someone you like? When your eyes was just focused to no one but her/him? And your heart started pounding like crazy, your hands getting clammy and all you do is stutter? Yeah, that was how it is for Vic and Jackie on their engagement session. We decided to change things up a little bit for this couple. We have been told that they are very casual and very laid back. So for their engagement session, we visioned it a little bit different than your everyday casual wear. It ended up being very enchanting. To both of you, cheers to all your hard work. I am more than humbled, to be able to photograph your most special day. Though Chicago is a little bit far away, but I hope that California would be closer to home, everytime you come here. Thank you and I can't wait for the big day. To be able to capture those "ahh" moments again.

Kris + Linda | Engaged | Big Bear Lake Ca

When God writes your love story, the unexpected sometimes happens. Who knew that through a mutual friend, these two would meet each other? When Linda saw Kris at a distance, she thought to herself that he is the most handsome guy ever. Who knew that Kris would feel the same way about her? Their friends forced them to dance, and with Kris not being the best dancer, pulled Linda off the side to talk. After a few hours, they exchanged phone numbers. Who knew that it will all lead to this big moment? With God orchestrating everything. To you both, congratulations! I hope that these photos will remind you of how beautiful it was when it first started. And your love for our Mighty Creator will always bring you both together and keep your love stronger everyday.

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Wedding Photographer | John Warren Photography

Assistant | Willie Morales

Venue | Big Bear Lake Ca

Erwin + Christine are Engaged

On August of next year, 2 of the most beautiful people I know will get married. And I got the privilege to capture it. My best friend, Erwin and his long time girlfriend Christine. I am more than excited for you guys. Just to be there the very first time when Christine said yes to Erwin to be her girlfriend, to the very big event. Finally, it has come when he finally proposed! To me, this is just not any wedding, but something to look forward to, knowing that I have to bring a lot of napkins to wipe my tears while taking those photos when they both walk down the aisle.

Wedding Photographer | John Warren Photography

Associate Photographer | Joe Nguyen

Assistant | Willie Morales

Venue | Randall Museum + Sutro Baths San Francisco Ca

Kyle and Nayeli Are Engaged x Griffith Observatory

Nayeli is from California and Kyle is from Arizona. On the 8th of August, Kyle flew to Los Angeles to shoot their engagement photos. It was one long hike from the parking lot to the Observatory , but these two made it worth it.  On December 2014, both of you will be sharing your vows, I am more than grateful to be a part of your most special day. I hope that when you look back at all these photos, you'd remember how it all started. The sweet sound of each other's voice, while both of you await for that phone call after a long day's work, those butterflies in your stomach as you anticipate to see each other after a long flight and those days when you use to count the days or weeks or even months because you miss each other so much. Always remember how it all began, and keep the love new everyday as it grows deeper and deeper. Congratulation guys! I'll see you both on December!