Vic + Jacqueline | Engaged | San Juan Capistrano Ca

Photographer | John Warren Photography

Assistant | Willie

Location | San Juan Capistrano  Ca

Hair + MUA | Trang

              Remember the first time you saw someone you like? When your eyes was just focused to no one but her/him? And your heart started pounding like crazy, your hands getting clammy and all you do is stutter? Yeah, that was how it is for Vic and Jackie on their engagement session. We decided to change things up a little bit for this couple. We have been told that they are very casual and very laid back. So for their engagement session, we visioned it a little bit different than your everyday casual wear. It ended up being very enchanting. To both of you, cheers to all your hard work. I am more than humbled, to be able to photograph your most special day. Though Chicago is a little bit far away, but I hope that California would be closer to home, everytime you come here. Thank you and I can't wait for the big day. To be able to capture those "ahh" moments again.

Behind the Scenes Video with KQ Elements

Enjoy our latest collaboration of our Dark Bride and Fashion production with KQ Elements, Z Motion Pictures, and John Warren Photography. Special thanks to AriaDress and Facing Forward (make up by Lina Linh). Be fun, be fabulous because you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to many great people who put this production together: Tammy Nga Tran, Jesse Khen, Mashi Nguyen, Tuan Jayden Quang Nguyen, Inca Soesanto, Amarin Kong, AriaDress, Lina Linh with Facing Forward Makeup, Rizza Rodriguez, Neyugn Nahtan, Jennifer Kimiye Alford, Ladan Tehrani, Stephen Kempken, Shaiane Mateo Morales, Truc Ha Nguyen, Mq Nguyen, Z Motion Pictures, John Warren Photography, Christian Calvez, Mene Adhaytmoko