Kyle and Nayeli Are Engaged x Griffith Observatory

Nayeli is from California and Kyle is from Arizona. On the 8th of August, Kyle flew to Los Angeles to shoot their engagement photos. It was one long hike from the parking lot to the Observatory , but these two made it worth it.  On December 2014, both of you will be sharing your vows, I am more than grateful to be a part of your most special day. I hope that when you look back at all these photos, you'd remember how it all started. The sweet sound of each other's voice, while both of you await for that phone call after a long day's work, those butterflies in your stomach as you anticipate to see each other after a long flight and those days when you use to count the days or weeks or even months because you miss each other so much. Always remember how it all began, and keep the love new everyday as it grows deeper and deeper. Congratulation guys! I'll see you both on December!