Ashlynn and Tyler's Arizona Engagement Session

How do I even begin? Ashlynn and Tyler tops this year's engagement session adventures so far. We begin our journey to Page, Arizona, Navajo Tribe, Lower Antelope Canyon. We flew a day before our scheduled photo shoot, with the idea of just doing a tour around the Canyon, next thing you know, we decided to stay a few hours more, climbing very steep rock formations, ditching our flight back home and driving almost 8 hours from Page to Orange County just to get our shots.

What can I say? It was worth every minute! We had a blast and the photos tells it all.

As you scroll down and marvel at the photos, I would like to say a couple of things: Yes, we were all at these locations taking photos. No, I did not photoshop the couple to be on the hills or rocky formation, they both climbed it, and yes, they did climbed it while wearing their suit and long dress. 

And if I must say, it was worth the climb! These two will do whatever it takes to get the shot and I think I have met my match! To Ashlynn and Tyler, thank you for allowing me to take your engagement photos. Thank you, for bringing me with you to Page Arizona to do this epic shoot with you both. I can't wait for our many more adventures!

Evil Queen Themed Party

Today's blog is a little bit personal and very special to me. I rarely talk about myself or my personal life, not in social media nor my website, however, this one is special. A few months back  (I know it had been a while, I had to really think hard if I want to put this online or not), my baby girl (not a baby anymore) turned 7!! And wow! How time flies! I cannot believe how quickly that went by. It took us a few months to figure out the theme for her party. You see in our culture, "seven" is a special birthday, it is like a quinceanera, except this time, she is just "seven". 

My daughter is not your typical seven year old girl, she always says, she wants to be different than the rest. So, viola! Different it is. She decided that she wants an evil queen theme for her party, and instead of inviting princesses over, she wanted to have villains instead! Now, that is what you call a fun party.

Before the big day, we have decided to set up a photoshoot of her in her evil queen attire. Here's a sneak preview:


I know she is not your typical 7-year old and that is what I love about her. She is different and that's what makes her stand out in the crowd. And as much as I have enjoyed this photoshoot with my "Evil Queen" I hope that you did too.

Cisco + Hana | Wedding | Covina Ca

Hana and Cisco's Rustic Backyard Wedding

It was early April of 2016 when Hana and Cisco tied the knot at Hana's brother, Atiyeh's beautiful home in Covina, California. The wedding was made so special with all families and friends from all over the States and oversees flew in just to witness their union. It was very a intimate wedding, as a lot of things you see were made personally by different groups of people, mostly friends and families for the big day.

From everyone's stories, Hana and Cisco met in New York, both of them were 49er's fan (which they said was not very common haha). It was through their love of the game that they fell in love with each other and the rest was history. It is amazing when very close friends tell each others stories about the couple, as everything is so personal and intimate. It is so wonderful how childhood friends grew up together and still remains the best of friends until now, to witness the bond between friends and families so close that you no distance, however far it is, nor lifestyle, however busy it can be can ever separate them.

To Hana and Cisco, you have been blessed with a beautiful family and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to be a part of your beautiful wedding. Here's to more touchdowns together!




John Warren is a wedding photographer located in Orange County. John Warren's weddings are normally at Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Philippines and Hawaii. (If your wedding is not at the places mentioned, do not worry, we love to travel). John Warren also offers his services to (but not limited to) newborn, high fashion editorial shoot, senior portrait, family and maternity.

Photo shoot for DOLICA

Bolinao, Philippines. We flew from Los Angeles to Manila for 12 hours and drove for 6 more hours to reach this place. It is one of the furthest point of the Philippines where you can experience the West Philippine Sea. Untouched, its beautiful blue beaches is a site itself, during the low tide hours you will be in awe of the wonderful rock formations that the sea would cover up during high tide hours. Need I not to mention that the food here is also just in one word, delicious. Seafood cannot get any fresher, and tuna, wow! what a joy.

This photo shoot is exclusively dedicated to DOLICA, our sponsor for the mono pods and tri-pods that we use during our photo shoots. In collaboration with some of the best talents the Philippines has, thank you for making this happen. We are more than honored to be part of this team and we look forward to many more projects in the future.

The photo shoot was held late morning until early afternoon. The lighting was a little bit of a challenge, as the sun was very harsh and the weather is very hot and humid. Nevertheless, we were able to deliver with the help of everyone. We hope that you enjoy this video and let us know what you think. 

Photographer(s): John Warren Morales, Madeline Arenas
Cinematographer: Noel R Ubaldo
HMUA: Ryan Callanta
Model: Maine Espinoza, Belle Solomon, Jun Barrios
Assistant: Jhay Bryan Arenas Casuyon
Outfit and Headdress: Don Cristobal
Organize by Nenita Ramos
Dolica Proline Monopod
Profoto USA B1

John Warren is a wedding photographer located in Orange County. John Warren's weddings are normally at Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Philippines and Hawaii. (If your wedding is not at the places mentioned, do not worry, we love to travel). John Warren also offers his services to (but not limited to) newborn, high fashion editorial shoot, senior portrait, family and maternity.

Announcing our monthly special offer.

John Warren Photography will be offering portrait sessions every month for $299 only (that is 50% off our portrait session rate). The guidelines are as follows:

1. The special is limited to the first three (3) portrait session bookings every month. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis. First 3 persons to call/book takes the slot for the month.

2. The special is for family portraits, senior, and child. Engagement photo shoot and newborn session is not included.

3. The photo shoot will last for 30 minutes and will be conducted around Orange County.

4. Client will be given 10-15 high resolution/fully edited photos downloadable via online.

5. Photo shoot date should be on the same booking month, if client insists to have it for a different month, the client should make another attempt to book us on the month desired.

6. Bookings can be via phone call at (949)793-1342, email at, Instagram message or Facebook. Booking is only finalized when client has signed the contract and retainer's fee paid.

*For any question, you can contact us directly at


Dom + Nina Epic Kauai Wedding

Before August ended, typhoon Ignacio threatened to hit the small island of Kauai. It was the weekend of Nina and Dominic's wedding. Thank God it didn't happen, but due to this typhoon, it created the hottest and most humid weather Kauai ever had. That didn't stop this couple's engagement and wedding. Through the heat, and rain, the fields, double rainbows and almost missed sunset, we made it happen. The photo shoot has only one word, EPIC. From the people who were there helping us, stopping traffic in the middle of the road, shooting while raining, wet because of the waves, you guys were nothing but amazing! To Nina and Dom, congratulations. You are loved! Almost 90 people flew just for your wedding. So much love from family and friends from different countries and states went just to witness your union, even Grandma was there! We are so honored to be a part of it. You have proven that through everything, you will be there for each other. Cheers! To more memories to come, more typhoons to conquer and more double rainbows.

John Warren is a photographer serving both Los Angeles and Orange County. This engagement/wedding photos were done at the island of Kauai. If interested in destination wedding, please contact us directly at

Jerry + Mia | Engaged | OC Fair Ca

Photographer | John Warren Photography

Assistant | Willie

Location | OC Fair  Ca

Hair + MUA | Trang

Everyday, love grows.. each year, it abounds.. Mia and Jerry had been together for about 9 years, this August, they are tying the knot! Congratulations to you both, from the time we met online until the time we met at the OC Fair, you guys are not but amazing. For capturing those beautiful smiles, the love you have for each other, the way you make each other feel is nothing but special. The most wonderful thing about it, it is only the beginning of your life being together.